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Sigur software

Sigur software has a modular plug-in architecture. All installed modules are integrated into a single user interface. You can add extra modules to the installed system at any time.


Sigur software has a client-server architecture. Individual workstations in the system are not licensed, which means that any number of users can use the software with the rights assigned to every individual user.

You will have to install any of the software modules on the system server only once and then you will be able to use its functionality across all your workstations connected to this server. How close or far away your workstations from the server are is irrelevant.

System requirements

Sigur server software and Sigur client software can operate under Microsoft Windows (the server requires at least Windows 7 SP1 or newer, the workstation should run on at least Windows XP SP3 or newer), regardless of the bit size, or Linux (Debian 32 bit).

Module Description of the Features
Basic Module
  • interactions with controllers of the system / control of access points
  • real-time system event monitoring
  • visual floor plans
  • creation of the list of the company’s employees / assigning rights to the operators of the system
  • assigning access limitations to the employees of the company by doors, directions and time
  • import of the employees from xls file
  • integration with a number of video surveillance systems and security and fire alarm systems
  • generating reports
Time & Attendance
  • assigning schedules and time zones to the employees
  • generating reports on the performance and workplace discipline violations
Badge editor
  • creation and editing of badge design templates
  • assigning badge templates to the employees
  • printing badges using the templates and personal data of the employees
Advanced Visitor Management
  • creation of the list of cards for the visitors
  • interface for issuance / collection of the cards
  • linking cards to passport or another
  • keeping the history of the issued cards
Document Recognition
  • automated scanning and recognition of documents at issuance of a temporary guest pass / badge
  • creating a list of corporate and personal vehicles with the right to enter the territory of the organization
  • linking the employees and their personal vehicles / issuance of waybills for corporate vehicles
  • waybill issuance history
  • registration of the employees’ movements linked to their vehicles together with the vehicles
System Response to Events
  • creation of a list of responses to be automatically performed by the system if any of the events arises: e.g., sending an SMS to the specified phone number
Payment System
  • automation of cashless payments at a canteen and other points of service
Paid Access
  • write-off of cash or visits upon access
  • limitation of the zone capacity
  • integration with information displays
Data Sync
  • automated synchronization of the employees’ list in the physical access control system with an external database of the existing corporate system